Okay, so I only managed sixteen pages of edits today. I found myself preoccupied with other things, plus, I have a nasty case of tonsillitis. No, that’s not an excuse. Fine, maybe it is. In my defence, I have been visiting other people’s blogs, so I’ve been doing something worthwhile.

You may have also noticed the shiny new badges to the right of this page. I’ve signed up to participate in a blogging challenge this coming April, called the A to Z April Challenge, and lucky for me, I already have a theme in mind. If you think it’s something you’d like to do or would like further information, then please click here. There are already 700+ bloggers taking part, so it’s definitely worth a look-see.

That’s me done for the day, I’m going for a much-needed rest and a read of a good book. Maybe even a little alcoholic lubrication (purely for medicinal reasons, mind you. And not a good thing if you’re under-age).


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