The process of creating the Islands was fun. Okay, so who would have thought a crazy, made up name in my imagination would actually be real! Yes, you read it right. But being the thorough person that I am, after creating the names, I did a search to make sure they didn’t already exist somewhere in the world.

Well you could have blown me down with a feather with what I discovered! And let’s just say I had to do some rewriting to rectify the problems. My brain was a total mush when I’d finished. However, I can now call them my own creation. And mighty proud of them I am too!

That’s it for today. Hope to see you tomorrow.

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20 thoughts on “D—IS FOR DUSTIN RIPPETOE…

  1. Wow! Uh, oh and then…
    I have created a fictional Island for my novel series. Now I have to think, did I check if there was a match? Ummm, I have to go check with Aunt Google now.

  2. Some years ago, a Dad (who was in advertising) in India, sued a company and their advertising agency, on behalf of his son whose name was ‘Hari Sadu’ – because their ad used that name to portray an awful boss. Apparently the boy got teased in school about this. So you’re doing well to check the names out! 😉

  3. I wrote my first thriller, ‘Beyond The Law’ and published on Amazon, only to find that there was a US series, and a movie. My story is totally different and set in Scotland, so I didn’t change my title. In the thriller I’m writing at present, I created a female character with a Dutch name (complete with van der’) and made her a fashion designer. Not only did the name exist for real – it was a fashion house. Now, I Google everything to make sure I’m not stepping on people’s toes.

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