Arlo Twittle part 8.

“So, I think it’s someone’s birthday tomorrow,” she said as he stuffed the last morsel of chocolate sponge in his mouth.

Arlo nodded and sipped the warm, sweet tea.

“I have a special surprise for you,” she said.

He sat upright in the chair, his legs swinging excitedly as he waited to see what she had for him.

“Ah, but not yet,” and she chuckled.

His shoulders sagged; he didn’t know if he could wait until tomorrow.

* * * *

That night in his bed, he wondered what his surprise might be. Socks. A new ball. Maybe another jumper like she gave him last year. But, he knew he was only guessing. Sighing, he turned and looked at the stars twinkling in the sky. He made another wish, hoping the stars wouldn’t think him too greedy, and then closed his eyes and went to sleep.


VanceVodsnoobCopyright © 2013-2014 SD Neeve. M.I.A.C, including any illustrations, may not be copied, shared or unlawfully used without the prior consent of the author.

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