Photos From Sunday—Part 1

Let me first say, I have done no editing on these images. The only feature I used was on the cameras menu. I like my first attempts, and of course, practise makes perfect it a little better in my case! Hope you enjoy them.


Sculptures made of old railway sleepers.


A mixture of flowers (or weeds) amongst the building works of an old church.


Wisteria on the wall of a house in the Cathedral grounds.


I can’t not show you a picture of my beautiful, elderly Millie!

I discovered that being around all those flowers was the cause for my laboured breath. After spending the rest of Sunday and all of Monday coughing and wheezing, hubbie eventually convinced me to go see the doctor. I am now the owner of an inhaler. Hay fever can strike at any age apparently! But at least I now know I wasn’t haven’t a heart attack!

That’s it, enough of my prattle, I’ll post another four tomorrow.


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