The Writing Process Blog Hop (Epic Fail!)


Sophie DuncanJust over a week ago, Sophie Duncan over at Sophie’s Thoughts & Fumbles tagged me to join this blog hop. I met Sophie through the A to Z challenge, and I was enthralled with her story The Burning Web, and listings of haunted places and authors of horror fiction. Give her a look; you will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to check out her blog hop post HERE.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find three writers to carry on the blog hop. So I thought it fair to not add the post I had written. My apologies to Sophie, who was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to participate.

6 thoughts on “The Writing Process Blog Hop (Epic Fail!)

  1. I’d still like to read your process too, Sarah 🙂 Laura, my other tagee had trouble finding folks as well, so she asked for volunteers on her blog post and is going to do a second post with folks who want to get involved. Go on, enquiring minds want to know 😀

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