If Posts Were Pounds…

… My Bank Account Would Be Seriously In The Red!

I think it has finally sunk in. I’m a lousy blogger and an even lousier blogger friend. :/ No it’s true. There’s no need to protect my honour. I deserve all the swear words under the sun aimed in my direction.


Courtesy of punchingkitty.com

I have no excuses. Okay. Maybe there are a couple (you want to know, don’t you?).

  1. Editing of Eight—Annihilation.
  2. Designing cover of Eight—Annihilation.
  3. Demolishing of (postage stamp-sized) back garden to make room for my tiny shed/office. My husband requires the kitchen back.

I know. Three does not a couple make. I was never good at maths.

You may be asking, what has that to do with us?

Well, after much deliberating and cogitating, I’ve come up with a plan. Yes, best laid plans and all that. We all know what usually happens to those. That said, I’m determined to see this one through. So starting next week, I plan to post every Tuesday and Friday. Mondays will be catch-up day; the day I will set aside for reading and commenting on your most wonderful blogs. This will then give me plenty of time for writing and my garden project.


Of course, I’ll post photos of our endeavour when anything new happens. At the moment, we’re waiting on one more ton of sand before we can start laying the slate tiles. The sand’s coming Tuesday, so I’ll post a photo then.

Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to catching up with you all again. Oops, nearly forgot. I’ll be revealing the cover for Eight—Annihilation in the next two weeks. Just thought I’d let you know in advance. 🙂

9 thoughts on “If Posts Were Pounds…

  1. I love that you’re back! I love the cat photo! I love your excuses! Hey, no need to ever call yourself a lousy bloggy mate. Looking forward to your posts – we’re all constantly evolving – I’ve done far too much messing about with everything just lately…lol. (Lucy, I got some ‘splaining to do!) Can’t wait to see the book cover and I really hope you’re well xx

  2. Build a few castles in the sand before you lay the tiles. 😀

    Looking forward to your pictures and posts. And the cover reveal too.

  3. I think I’d go mad if I didn’t have my dedicated room (attic conversion) with three computers, two coffee machines and a kettle (and a small sink being plumbed in soon, so I won’t have to trail down two flights of stairs to wash my cups and bring up 8 litres of water every week or so) and all manner of other hobby stuff. More power to you for having done what you have in the kitchen! Once the shed is up and running – and its build will go well, it daren’t do otherwise – life will be so much easier for you.
    However, as a cautionary note, read The Shed!

    • Hi Keith,

      Two coffee machines and a kettle! I’m surprised you’re not swinging from the rafters, lol.

      And yeah, it will be great to have my own space. I was supposed to have the spare bedroom, but we’re still waiting for our son to finally find his own space. Oh well, a shed is better than nothing.

      Read the story, really liked it. Made me giggle out loud! 🙂

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