I have been sitting here staring at a blank screen for the past hour. Ask me to write a story, no problem. Ask me to write something about myself…

…Who would have thought you could get writers block over something as trivial as a Bio! Let me ponder that for a while (any excuse not to write this).

Okay, well … my name’s Sarah. I love to write. Take sunset walks along the beach … no, that’s a different kind of Bio. Sorry. But my name is Sarah and I do love to write, something I’ve been doing since infant school. I’m married, to a very understanding husband. Have one grown-up son, and a crazy cat named Millie. Did I say I’ll be celebrating a milestone birthday next year, too? Yes, I’m finally reaching the big 5-0. Maybe I’ll get to have my very first birthday party!

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested a few roles in the world of employment. Ranging from a self-employed part-time sign writer, to a manager for a retail pet store. However, my love has always been for the written word. And four years ago, I eventually embarked on the journey towards becoming a writer.

Right, if you want to read a full, drawn-out Bio, you’ll find a link at the end of this page. If you want to read about my TOP 10 PET HATES and TOP 10 MEGA LOVES, then please continue to read along.

  1. 10 HatesSPIDERS–Any size will do. They all freak me out to the point of hysteria!
  2. LIVER–Hannibal Lector I’m not, not unless you want a competition in projectile vomiting.
  3. NEEDLES–The type they use for injections, kind-of-needles.
  4. SKIRTS & DRESSES–Not much of a fan. Give me jeans to slouch in any day.
  5. COFFEE–Have tried it, but never liked it. But I do like coffee cream chocolates and coffee cake. Weird? I know!
  6. BRIDGES–Over water. Always get a sense they will collapse and I’ll end up stuck inside the car and drown.
  7. SPINNING–Like in rides that spin you round. I suffer from Vertigo and it plays hell with my balance.
  8. NOSES–The picking of. Makes me want to puke, especially when confronted with a runny-nosed child.
  9. VIOLENCE–What is the point. Use your words, people!
  10. CROWDS–If you want to see a person lose it in a crowd, I’m your goto.
  1. CupcakeFAMILY–Well, I have to say that. Don’t I?
  2. CATS–All shapes and sizes. I love them all.
  3. TEA–Can’t function without a good, strong cuppa or two.
  4. HOLIDAYS–Don’t we all! I’d live my life on holiday if I could.
  5. CUPCAKES–All cake if I’m honest. Well, with the exception of fruitcake. But any kind that involves butter-cream is good.
  6. MORNING–The time between 5 and 7. Best opportunity for writing. Well, for me it is.
  7. SUNRISE–As opposed to sunsets. Great time for taking photos. On holiday in Scotland last year, I took over 100 pictures of sunrises!
  8. HIKING–Hubbie and I do a lot of this. My increasing waistline would beg to differ, however.
  9. DREAMING–Most of my story ideas originate from dreams.
  10. WRITING–Of course, this is a given. Whether it’s a short poem or a 100,000+ word novel. Just love me some writing.

Well, that’s me done. Thanks for looking, and if you want to leave a comment, please do. I love to chat. And here’s the LINK for the other Bio.



4 thoughts on “I AM ME

  1. This is such a creative introduction! It’s interesting how much I was able to learn about you in just 20 facts! Congratulations on Eight! I look forward to reading more of your journey!

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